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Of Hellos and Hi

Hello is more formal. It is when you see this couple that lives in your society: You don’t want to be too informal because you dont know them very well, and don’t want to be too formal because they aren’t your teachers. Hello is just confusing. It’s when you want to take the middle road or play it safe.

Hi is when you know that person well enough to not be diluded into whether to wait and talk, or just wave and go far away. Hi is when you know for a fact you are going to stand for 2 hours and talk if time permits or even go on a ride.


We don’t talk anymore

How we live in a world of 21st century and how easy everthing is for us,from buying inanimate objects to connecting with animate ones.

I mean it has become so easy, that we would rather ‘text’ our feelings to them rather than saying it out loud

A philospher in disguise?

I am. I don’t like small talks, I would rather enjoy talking about constellations and what happens to us afterlife

PS: Though I don’t like seeing new kids on the block knowing the functionality of social apps and I dont! Makes me feel old

That’s the beauty of it

Lights, Camera and Action!
We are always finding new things about ourselves,each day if one bothers to notice enough, and this is one slight way to not be you and let yourself experience something from someone elses perspective

That’s the beauty of it, as opposed to being one person, you get to put on a mask and be one who maybe is entirely different from you