Do you remember?

Do you remember the first time he laid eyes on you?  you suddenly seem to forgot, what to say or what to do?

He didn’t just give you butteflies, but the whole damn zoo, and everything he did made you feel like its true.

His sweet words and secret stare, made you feel safe and it all seemed like he cared

Then the bubble broke and you had to pick your peieces up
Do you remember drifting in your pillow and crying till 4am?

accumulating your thoughts, trying to put it right in a frame

Yet it didn’t make sense-why he left and never came back?

but you, sweetheart, you made it out without him, you reached your goal and accomplished your dream

This is not a poem about a broken heart but a mended one, this is where you take over the world and make things turn

For him to see, and you to believe, for you have seen it all-death and grief, 

make the world a better place and let yourself live, 

you have nothing to loose but oh, soo much to give.

There will always be someone else,

but they can’t fix you, you have to do that yourself  and leave the rest on thee

The universe seems to know you better than you know yourself, it knows whats right for you without you having to tell

So put your trust in the good of this world,

allow yourself to be free, loving and forgiving

And be thankfull for your life and gratefull to be alive
Do not let the bitterness of the people shadow your good, For only the fittest of hearts has survived and stood



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