As I go on

As I go on, I will remember, all those times when we were together,

all those times when you made me smile, all that moments that lasted a while,

when you said you loved me, beyond
 doubt you made me see

and I saw you out there reaching out for me

For the first time, in a very long, you made me feel,

feel loved, wanted and cared, 
all those secret glares we shared.

and when you kissed me my heart would race, I was finally giving up that space.

That space in my heart I had locked for years, 
just to open up for you and supress my bone wrecking fear.

Fear of loosing my heart again, 
fear of being heartbroken again

fear of not being good enough for you, and all those fears you proved were true.

you see, the pain is not of loosing you, 
it is of sharing the moments that didn’t turn out to be true.

I might cry a thousand tears today, and I might curse you till the pain goes away,

but when the pain fades, my love for you will, too, be gone

and the only memories left of us, will be in our songs.

For when I hear our songs, I will still think of you 
but then I wont cry, just smile at the of thought of us two.



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