Of Hellos and Hi

Hello is more formal. It is when you see this couple that lives in your society: You don’t want to be too informal because you dont know them very well, and don’t want to be too formal because they aren’t your teachers. Hello is just confusing. It’s when you want to take the middle road or play it safe.

Hi is when you know that person well enough to not be diluded into whether to wait and talk, or just wave and go far away. Hi is when you know for a fact you are going to stand for 2 hours and talk if time permits or even go on a ride.


We don’t talk anymore

How we live in a world of 21st century and how easy everthing is for us,from buying inanimate objects to connecting with animate ones.

I mean it has become so easy, that we would rather ‘text’ our feelings to them rather than saying it out loud

A philospher in disguise?

I am. I don’t like small talks, I would rather enjoy talking about constellations and what happens to us afterlife

PS: Though I don’t like seeing new kids on the block knowing the functionality of social apps and I dont! Makes me feel old

That’s the beauty of it

Lights, Camera and Action!
We are always finding new things about ourselves,each day if one bothers to notice enough, and this is one slight way to not be you and let yourself experience something from someone elses perspective

That’s the beauty of it, as opposed to being one person, you get to put on a mask and be one who maybe is entirely different from you


Do you remember?

Do you remember the first time he laid eyes on you?  you suddenly seem to forgot, what to say or what to do?

He didn’t just give you butteflies, but the whole damn zoo, and everything he did made you feel like its true.

His sweet words and secret stare, made you feel safe and it all seemed like he cared

Then the bubble broke and you had to pick your peieces up
Do you remember drifting in your pillow and crying till 4am?

accumulating your thoughts, trying to put it right in a frame

Yet it didn’t make sense-why he left and never came back?

but you, sweetheart, you made it out without him, you reached your goal and accomplished your dream

This is not a poem about a broken heart but a mended one, this is where you take over the world and make things turn

For him to see, and you to believe, for you have seen it all-death and grief, 

make the world a better place and let yourself live, 

you have nothing to loose but oh, soo much to give.

There will always be someone else,

but they can’t fix you, you have to do that yourself  and leave the rest on thee

The universe seems to know you better than you know yourself, it knows whats right for you without you having to tell

So put your trust in the good of this world,

allow yourself to be free, loving and forgiving

And be thankfull for your life and gratefull to be alive
Do not let the bitterness of the people shadow your good, For only the fittest of hearts has survived and stood


No, you haven’t

You haven’t left all alone,
With a promise to return,
You haven’t missed someone so much,
For which they gave hate in turn

You haven’t even lived my life,
so who are you to judge me,
For all the times I decided to quit,
You weren’t even there to see

You weren’t even there to heal,
you didn’t even notice the things I deal,
You don’t even know the people I lost,
you haven’t even felt the pain that costs

You haven’t even been in my shoe,
you haven’t even felt my love which was true!


No you haven’t seen me grow,
No you dont’ even know,
My life you haven’t lived
So who are you to crib?

You haven’t been abused in the public, and then be laughed at,
On the day you you thought that things will work out,
you weren’t the one who was left out

you haven’t even been slapped on your face
for things you didn’t do,
you haven’t been thrown away,
just when you decided to stay!

Dreams of you’r you haven’t said good-bye,
wings of you’r haven’t cut when you wanted to fly,
You didn’t cry a thousand tears,
you didn’t have to deal with all your fears

You haven’t felt all alone,
with a promise to return,
you haven’t missed someone so much,
or which they gave hate in turn

You haven’t even lived my life,
so who are you to judge me,
for all the times I decided to quit,
You weren’t even there to see

You weren’t even there to heal,
you didn’t notice the things I deal,
you don’t know the people i lost,
you haven’t even felt the pain that costs


As I go on

As I go on, I will remember, all those times when we were together,

all those times when you made me smile, all that moments that lasted a while,

when you said you loved me, beyond
 doubt you made me see

and I saw you out there reaching out for me

For the first time, in a very long, you made me feel,

feel loved, wanted and cared, 
all those secret glares we shared.

and when you kissed me my heart would race, I was finally giving up that space.

That space in my heart I had locked for years, 
just to open up for you and supress my bone wrecking fear.

Fear of loosing my heart again, 
fear of being heartbroken again

fear of not being good enough for you, and all those fears you proved were true.

you see, the pain is not of loosing you, 
it is of sharing the moments that didn’t turn out to be true.

I might cry a thousand tears today, and I might curse you till the pain goes away,

but when the pain fades, my love for you will, too, be gone

and the only memories left of us, will be in our songs.

For when I hear our songs, I will still think of you 
but then I wont cry, just smile at the of thought of us two.


As I go on..